Guest Check in and Parking Reminders

As you are aware, we have a lovely swimming pool and a spacious clubhouse for the use of our members and their guests. While these facilities provide great opportunities for socializing, relaxation, and recreation, it is important that everyone adheres to a few simple rules to ensure that these facilities are used in a responsible and respectful manner.

One of the most important of these rules is that all members must check their guests into the pool and clubhouse. This is an important step to ensure that only authorized visitors are using these facilities and that our pool lifeguards are aware of the number of people using the pool.

We also ask that visitors only park in the designated visitor parking spaces. This will help to ensure that there is enough parking for everyone and that the parking lots are not congested or cluttered. Visitors who park in unauthorized areas may be subject to towing or other penalties, so please make sure that your guests are aware of this rule.

We understand that these rules may seem like a small inconvenience, but they are necessary to ensure the safety, security, and enjoyment of everyone who uses these facilities. By following these rules, you are helping to create a positive and welcoming environment for everyone in our community.

We hope that you will take a few minutes to review these rules and help us to ensure that our pool and clubhouse are used in a responsible and respectful manner. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Trillium Valley HOA Board.

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